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Heated & Driveways

Heated driveways & walkways - the easy way to deal with winter's snow & ice.

Automated heated driveway systems perform reliably and efficiently during the harshest winter weather Radiant heat snow melting systems are highly customizable and can be applied under virtually any surface, including asphalt, concrete, under pavers/brick and more. In addition to being installed in new concrete and asphalt construction projects, virtually any type of outdoor surface lends itself to being heated.

Heated driveway and snow melting systems feature energy efficient, maintenance-free automated operation. The electric radiant heating systems detect the conditions and automatically switch heat on and off as needed. Allen heating cable is the most durable radiant snow melting cables available and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. The cable distributes heat evenly to the structure, providing a heated driveway and/or sidewalk that is kept free of ice and snow throughout the winter.

The fully programmable snow melting system makes labor-intensive snow shoveling and the use of harsh chemicals and salting a thing of the past increaseing the life span of the driveway by eliminating salt corrosion, frost damage, and potential damage from snow plows and other manual snow removal methods.

Driveway snow and ice melting systems are virtually maintenance free, easy to install, and increase the value of your property.